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Logic RACE - తెలుగు జాతి. మీరు తెలుగు వారా? జాయిన్ అయ్యి, చట్ట విరుద్దం కాని ఏ విషయమైనా స్వేచ్చగా పోస్టు చేయండి.

Logic RACE is Telugu people from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, India and worldwide.

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Learn new english vocabulary daily


Hai everyone🙂,
How are you all? I hope everyone is doing good. In our #Learnwithgowthami channel a new series is started through which we can learn new words and phrases along with their meanings in తెలుగు. It's free of cost, so go to my channel #Learnwithgowthami, learn english through telugu and improve your english communication skills. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe. 👍

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